StyleChecker is yet another code style checker and refactoring tool like FxCopAnalyzers, StyleCop Analyzers, SonarLint, Roslynator, and so on. It uses the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") to analyze the C# source code of .NET Core projects and outputs diagnostics of a rule violation, and when running with Visual Studio it provides code fixes as much as possible. Note that StyleChecker contains only supplemental or niche analyzers, so it is intended to be used together with other Roslyn analyzers.

Get started

StyleChecker is available as the NuGet package.

Install StyleChecker to your project with Visual Studio

  1. Open Package Manager Console. (Open your project with Visual Studio, and select Tools ➜ NuGet Package Manager ➜ Package Manager Console.)
  2. Enter the command Install-Package StyleChecker in the Package Manager Console.
  3. Set all to the PrivateAssets property. (Open Solution Explorer and select your project ➜ Dependencies ➜ NuGet ➜ Click StyleChecker with a right button to open StyleChecker Package Properties, and then enter all to the PrivateAssets field.)

Install StyleChecker to your project with .NET Core CLI

  1. Enter the command dotnet add package StyleChecker with the console.
  2. Open your project file (.csproj) using a text editor like Visual Studio Code.
  3. Fix the PackageReference element in the project file adding the PrivateAssets attribute with the all value as follows:
<PackageReference Include="StyleChecker" Version="..." PrivateAssets="all" />


How to contribute

Please send us Pull Requests or Issues from the GitHub repository.